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During the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Boston-based start-up company BrainCo unveiled its “mind control” headband.

Developed by scientists from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the device is able to translate brainwaves into electric signals …that allow to “turn the lights on or off just by focusing on that.”  as BrainCo representative, Zenchuan Lei was showing.

Also, “It teaches you to enhance your focus and concentration,” Lei explained, using neuro feedback,  a technique that permits to improve your concentration, having a visual feedback on screen of your neural activity.

Both approach can be combined, as in brainco webpage is poited out:

By playing games or interacting with smart home, people can measurably improve their brain efficiency, and become more productive in their study and working. With the most advanced technology, Focus 1 accurately detects brainwave, visualizes the brain activity, trains the brain efficiency with neurofeedback training and tracks the improvement. It is portable, effective and enjoyable.

The “mind control” headband is expected to be available in the market later this year, for a price of less than $150.

For more info: brainco website